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    "Cisco cannot allow Lucent to field products in Cisco's market space and leave Lucent free -- without attacking Lucent. They need to build a viable 20th century voice (telephone) service architecture that the telephone carriers will buy.'' - Thomas Nolle, CMI

    Mission: Build a best-of-class customer solutions systems test, integration, verification and interoperability engineering team. Build process and location-independent networked test lab infrastructure, enabling the efficient delivery of high quality VoX solutions to the marketplace.

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    * Current Projects

  • Appaloosa System Testing
  • SC2200 Automated Regression Testing
  • * Program Management

  • Virtual War Room
  • * Presentations

  • NSITE Presentation (Ed Carney, 10/23/98).
  • NSITE Mission Presentation (Ed Carney).   newarrow1.gif (541 bytes)
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  • Callgen - IOS Bulk Call Generator
  • NUBU IOS Release Page
  • Engineering Project Index (Get Your Code names decodes here!)
  • Click-A-Console!
  • Network Management Platform
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  • Directions to Herndon site
  • Bellcore Specifications (PDF fortmat)
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  • NSITE Cage Inventory page

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