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Home Access Headaches


With the ever growing number of internet access methods, how do you know which connection service is the right one for you?  As a consumer you have to do your homework.  Do you require fast constant access or can you get by with a dial-up on demand connection?  Do you need to purchase an additional phone line?  Which is cheaper, an additional phone line or and ISDN line with POTS capabilities?  

Well to answer these questions you first have to look at the currently available Internet Connection methods.  There are several general categories of access including POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), T1/Frame Relay, xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line),  and Cable Modems.  The most common issues for comparison of these services will be connection speed, pricing of services and equipment, and availability.  POTS, ISDN, and T1/Frame Relay are the most widely available services however POTS(56Kbps) and ISDN(128Kbps) offer the lowest connection speeds and although T1(1.5Mbps) can provide the speed it is cost prohibitive for most home users.  Cable Modems and xDSL are emerging as high speed, low cost alternatives although the widespread availability of these services remains an issue.

So do your research, be an informed consumer, and happy surfing!










Cable Modems

Frame Relay

This information provided by Julie Reed
Revised: November 30, 1999 .